DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY official website

"Naturalness within unnaturalness, or the gathering between sorrow and ecstasy"

From various ways of musical expressions, D.M.O.T themes
and stands for spontaneous minor key melodies which will deeply incite the listener's sensitivity.
Eluding from the existing local music standards, their breaking and
mixing music style is not to be judged easily.
Bands with all similar 'good to listen' music with a bit of inclination to experimental
and progressiveness might be recognized for their rarity, but further to this to
incite and stimulate a listener's mind, a strong creative basis is needed.
Fortunately, D.M.O.T, even though is not all matured,
with flashing musical sense and outstanding song-writing capability of
its members is to paid close attention in its evolving course.
The band name DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY is taken from the Middle-age prophet Nostradamus
who saw the through the mirror the dark cursing future.
Like the name, their music is the combination of small pieces of
harping memories from self life experiences carved by going back
and forth from darkness to brightness.
The conjuring sources are basic instruments
such as guitar, bass, drum and keyboard, and the natural combination
of minor keys which fully express the eastern sentiments,
with classical gothic music is the outstanding essence of D.M.O.T
The anguish carved recourse vocal along with the cursing instrument performance
recites a chapter poem which evokes
nothingness together with wholeness, darkness and daylight, beauty and ugliness