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    • ROCK BANDOH [ Taiwan on October 17]



      Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy has been added to the lineup of 

      ROCKBANDOH FEST in Taiwan featuring bands 

      from countries of different parts of the world, 

      including Hammer fall, Dir en grey etc. 

      We are very excited because it is our first show in Taiwan. 

      Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy will play live for 40 minutes 

      starting at 4 PM on the Temple Stage on October 17. 

      We are looking forward to meet the metalheads in Taiwan soon.







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    • Zandari fest rock festival in Hongdae, Seoul.


      ​Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy is going to 

      appear in urban Zandari fest rock festival in Hongdae, Seoul. 

      In this concert held for 3 days with around 260 bands 

      from 15 countries D.M.O.T will play live for about an hour. 

      See you on October 3 at 6 pm in Didim Hall in Hongdae!